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Who are we?

We are a B Corporation that creates radically sustainable products, designed to last. From Patagonia to over 17 countries worldwide, we are proving through example that companies can be a tool for social and environmental well-being through our Karün Regeneration Model™.

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1. Us in Numbers 2023

Materials Collected

95.168 Kg.

Total collected in 2023
by type of raw material


More than
last year

10.000 20.000 30.000 40.000 50.000 60.000 70.000 80.000 90.000 100.000 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 0 17.887 41.111 80.782 82.808 95.168
71% 29% Metal Plastics (nets and ropes, industrial and artisanal fishing waste)

Impact Leaders


Impact Leaders



Did you know that for
every pair of glasses
sold, we collect more
than 800 grams of
material, which is
equivalent to 20 times
their weight?

¿Sabías que por cada anteojo vendido recolectamos más de 800 GRAMOS de material, lo cual equivale a 20 VECES su peso?

Who are the Impact Leaders?

They are entrepreneurs, community leaders, and residents from different areas of Patagonia who, through the collection of various discarded materials, contribute to the restoration of their environments and the protection of nature.

John oyarzo

(caleta manzano)

VAlentina Vera

(caleta manzano)

Angélica Uribe

(la poza)

Mirna Kryste


Francisco Guerrero


Ivonne Neira


Ignacio Torres


Pedro Rubio


Pilar Fuentealba


Paz García


How much and where did they
collect in Patagonia in 2023?

+ + + + + + + + + + +

Beyond Patagonia

Who are they? A global leader in
marine conservation, they
have been one of our collection
partners since 2021.

86.5 tons of waste
in 2023

991 tons of waste
removed from
2013 to date.

This weight is equivalent to the weight of 6 blue whales

We expanded our collaboration network to
reach new territories in Asia and increase
the impact of our model. Ocean Material®
operates under the OceanCycle® certification
program, allowing for traceability from
collection to recycling, with high standards.

Countries in the program
Communities involved

3,900 metric tons of
plastic recovered

+20,000 metric tons is
our total processing

Ophthalmological Operations


Total beneficiaries


Karün Historic


of patients are between
50 and 79 years old

What are ophthalmological operations?

We provide free visual exams in isolated areas of Patagonia, in the same communities where we collect nets, ropes, and metals used to make our glasses. This helps relieve the waiting list at the CESFAM and offers a new vision to the community in the territory where we work.

Business numbers

A. Sales Growth

2024 2023 2022 2021 +42,5% +13,7% +25% B. GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION


markets: Mexico


Total countries
where we sell

C. Our team




of the team
are women.


de mujeres en
management team

D.Our Corporate Carbon


Karün's growth in the respective year resulted in a 20% increase in our footprint.

This result represents a figure we must reverse
to achieve our goal of reducing the corporate CO2 footprint by 50% by 2030.
To achieve this, we are implementing various strategies, including:

Reduction of corporate flights

Increased energy efficiency in offices and stores

Reduction in waste generation and improvement in recycling management

E.Product and Material Launches

Origins Handmade native
wood frame

Learn more

Celion® From cigarette butts
to 100% recycled acetate

Learn more

Reading Reading glasses, ultra
light, easy to recycle

Learn more

2. Milestones 2023

Circularity and Recycling

Thanks to all the customers who brought us Karün glasses that accidentally broke or reached the end of their lifespan, in 2023 we were able to implement our system for disassembling glasses for recycling.

How do we make it possible? First and foremost, we create products designed to easily dismantle all their parts. The same Impact Leaders with whom we collect raw materials now also prepare the glasses for recycling, thus generating additional income for them and their families

Learn more

Collection in Argentina with Rosario Foundation

A collective action day where environmental awareness and waste collection brought together hundreds of volunteers. In this event, more than 173 volunteers from the Rosario community participated and recovered, sorted, and cleaned a total of 328 kilograms of waste. Of these, 81% were plastics, 12% glass, 4% paper, and 3% metals.

Scrap Collection in Caleta Tortel

In November 2023, we carried out an unprecedented collection, unimaginable for communities as isolated as Caleta Tortel. Thanks to joint work with the local Municipality, Parque la Tapera, Balloon Latam, as well as the entire community and territorial organizations, we managed to remove more than 2000 tons of scrap from the area, much of it accumulated for decades in remote areas.

Scrap Collection in Hualaihué

Thanks to the joint effort of an exceptional team, led by the local entrepreneurship Reciclajes J&V, and with the support of the municipality of Hualaihué and AZA, and especially the active participation and enthusiasm of the neighbors to clean their commune, we exceeded our goal by removing more than 35 tons of scrap. This success demonstrates that collective effort can drive initiatives that significantly benefit both the environment and the community.

Educating for Regeneration

In 2023, we placed a strong focus on working with rural schools in the territory where we operate. Patagonian students, who experience nature as an essential part of their daily lives, have the potential to be their greatest guardians.

In 2023, we conducted educational workshops for 506 students on sustainability at the Rural Schools of Rollizo, Cochamó, Puelo, and Quemchi.

ISO 9001 Certification

In 2023, we achieved certification in the ISO 9001 standard, a milestone that reflects our commitment to operational excellence and quality in all aspects of our business. This joint effort demonstrates exceptional collaboration among all areas of our organization, coming together to consolidate and continuously improve our processes.

New Applications of Our Model

At Karün, we have always said that we are not just an eyewear company. The year 2023 was one of intense work to develop a project that excites us a lot because, for the first time, we successfully applied our Karün Regeneration Model to other industries and products, opening the doors to unlimited possibilities for its application.

Through creativity, collaboration, and sustainable innovation, we are pushing the limits to create a future from a different perspective.

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BUK Building Happiness Survey

In 2023, we participated in this survey, and out of the 190 companies that participated, we achieved a result that is above our category in the following statements:

The leader of my team cares about my overall well-being There is room to learn from mistakes and grow from them” There are healthy interpersonal relationships based on respect and trust I think my work has meaning and purpose mi” Initiatives that help care for the environment are promoted” I am proud to belong to my organization”

3. Recognitions

A. Recognitions of Karün

Most Sustainable Eyewear Brand Global 2023

Most Innovative Companies 2023

Top 100 Startups in Chile

“Certified Sustainable Eyewear Award" in the Cases category

“Companies with the Best Corporate Reputation, ranked 10th in Chilean retail."

"Companies that Attract and Retain Talent, ranked 9th in retail in Chile and 97th overall in national industries."

"Most Responsible ESG Companies, ranked 9th in retail and 95th overall in Chilean industries."

B. Recognitions to our
founder and CEO, THOMAS KIMBER

“Innovative Energy: 200 Faces with Which Chile Faces Major Global Transitions”

"30 Sustainable Minds of Chile"

"100 Most Innovative Business Leaders in Chile"

These are the strategic
allies that make
our work possible